The max cape is for people who have achieved 99 in a total of (number) skills. It is bought from (person) and he is located in (place and what he's doing)

The minimum total level needed for max is (number), this meaning the minimum amount of experience needed is (number).

It's stats aline with the trimmed skillcape. As such it inherits all the skillcape perks from other skillcapes.

As of 17th of October no one has a max cape due to there being a max limit of skill level 5 on the skills there.

Acknowledgements should be made to Yourmaton, HarryIsBeast and 0Patrick0 to being the first 3 to caping the limit during the beta, at a total of 77 and a total xp of 6,291. As of the end of alpha there was around 20 people to max from the 15th to the 17th December.