This is the first event on open beta for everyone to access. It is taking event from the 28th of October to the 2nd of November.

A player can start the event from talking to jack. Located north of lumbridge near the champions guild. At (439, 64, -173) Jack.


  1. Once talked to jack, go behind him and select a halloween outfit, this can't be changed later on.
  2. After this talk again to jack then go find elizabeth.
  3. Elizabeth is south of Jack, at (608, 63, 72). Once talked to her you need to find her ingredients. these are anchovies, grapes and eye of newt. Anchovies and eye of newt can be bought from a NPC in the G.E. and the grapes can be found from killing goblins.
  4. Once gotten talk again to elizabeth, then go talk to Benjamin.
  5. Benjamin is north of Elizabeth. (581, 62, 6). He will want 8 cabbages due to scarecrows taking them. There is a 50% drop rate of cabbages from scarecrows. once killed and collected 8, talk again to him and then go see Felecia.
  6. Felecia is at the very south of Lumbridge. (651, 63, 256). She will want you to kill skippy the cat.
  7. Skippy the cat is east of Felecia. (692, 63, 257) in the graveyard. Once killed talk to Felecia again
  8. Once talked to Felecia again, talk to donny. His location is (574, 63, 132). he just wants to chat. Talk to Chloe next
  9. Chloe is located at (638, 63, 224), missing her sister, she wants you to find Emma.
  10. Emma is located at (628, 68, 241). To find her it is a maze, so starting at (639, 68, 23) you go forward till hitting the wall (639, 68, 225), moving through the diagonal area till (637, 68, 226), this moving forward till (637, 68, 235) turning left and going forward till (639, 68, 235). going south till (639, 68, 237) turning right till (638, 68, 237) and going forward till (638, 68, 240) and turning right going till (636, 68, 240) and going north till (636, 68, 238) and going west till (631, 68, 238) then going through the diagonal to find emma.
  11. Again return to Chloe (638, 63, 224) to talk and then go find Schneeds
  12. Schneeds is located at (545, 64, 108) he wants you to kill 6 giant rats below his basement. with the ladder to the north of him at (543, 64, 105). once killed talk to schneeds and then go find Jack
  13. Once talked to jack (439, 64, -173) the quest is complete.


  • 1 halloween mask (red, blue, green)
  • 1000 gp