Zombie head
Golden tophat was removed from MineScape after an update, but still exists in-game for those who had obtained it.
There are rumours that their is this most exclusive item to ever be able to sit above ones head and grace the onlookers is called a golden tophat. This item has been confirmed by many onlookers but no one has caught a picture due to the gleam it gives off from the sun and how it quickly the beholders hands are on keeping hold of it.

Whilst one of a few items to be discontinued, it is said that this item was only available to the person to spend the most money, pre-alpha. entrusting a lot of faith in Sixbits and who he employs to behold his promise and allow this majestic game to come.

It has only been seen during the alpha-stage of the game, able to show it of for the first few weeks the server was open to allow players access to the tutorial island and to the level cap of 5.

It was last rumoured to be in the hands of Herieman, a collector of many fine and exquisite items, said to have created a museum in his back room, showing different items such as relics from Gods and many other items, lost from time to magically appear in his museum. Only one person has ever seen this museum due to it been hidden and with a magic key keeping it closed.

"a trader that collects exquisite items no matter the cost" Herieman