Official difficulty - Novice

Description - the lumbridge castle cook is in a mess. It is the Duke's birthday and the cook is making a cake.

Time - 10 minutes roughly, a lot less if already collected the items

Items required

  • An empty pot (obtainable during the quest)
  • A bucket (obtained during the quest)
  • An egg (obtains during the quest)


A feast for a Duke

(if not wanting to go through the entire progress the quest intends, just bring a pot of flour, a bucket of milk and an egg with you to complete the quest in seconds.)

To begin the quest, talk to the cook in the Lumbridge Castle's kitchen, which is on the ground floor. He tells you that it is Duke Horacio's birthday, and he is supposed to prepare a cake for the celebration, but he has forgotten to bring some of the ingredients required for the cake. Thus, he requires you to bring him a bucket of milk, and egg, and a pot of flour.

  • Note: a pot is found on the kitchen table, and a bucket is down in the cell on the table

Bucket of milk

You can get a bucket from the general store for 2 coins, or you can find one at various locations, including downstairs in the castle's cellar on a table. To obtain the milk, go to the lumbridge cow field (east of lumbridge, north of the entrance to the desert) and use the empty bucket on a dairy cow.


To obtain an egg, go west of the cow field to the chicken coop and pick one up.

Pot of flour

To obtain a pot, buy one from the general store or get one for free from the table by the cook in lumbridge castle. to fill it with flour, go north of lumbridge and follow the road until you get to the mill. collect the grain outside and go to the top floor, put the wheat in the hopper and then pull the lever. Back on the ground floor, use your pot to collect it from the bin.


Finally, take the ingredients back to the cook in the Lumbridge Castle. Speak to him once more to give him the ingredients


It was released on the 5th of November 2017 along with the Version 0.2 updates