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Black Santa Hat was removed from MineScape after an update, but still exists in-game for those who had obtained it.


The black santa has was introduced alongside christmas crackers during the private alpha release on Dec 15th. Though all other holiday items could be received through Christmas crackers the Black Santa Hat had to be purchased separately on the MineScape store. Going for somewhere around $8-$11 each not many players wanted to buy this item, definitely not more than one. It was later announced by Sixbits that this item will not be receivable in-game again but it wasn't stated until a while after them being added to the store. Because of this there are very little of these items in-game, making it quite possibly the rarest item in MineScape for a very long time.


Sixbits explaining the situation with the black santas. Despite his message we know now party hats will not be receivable for holiday events.